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Cast Iron Vs. Polyurethane Tread Antique Caster Wheel


The CCVINTAGE, made from cast iron, is a "classic," iconic vintage caster that will complete any piece of rustic furniture under the right circumstances. Cast iron caster wheels work well on solid ground like concrete or blacktop and are rugged enough to wheel outside on a barbecue (although we don't recommend prolonged exposure to outdoor elements for cast iron) or to hold up a tool bench in the garage. They are not, however, non-marking and should be used with great caution on valuable flooring such as hardwood and tile. So, if you want this specific look, but don't mind that it could harm your flooring, cast iron CC Vintage casters are your choice.


Polyurethane on Cast Iron (CCVINTAGE-PW)

The CCVINTAGE-PW has a small polyurethane coating over a core. It allows you to keep the rustic, vintage look without doing damage to your floors. The polyurethane tread will not mark up any floor and is gentle enough to roll on floor types like tile, carpet, and wood. It’s the perfect indoor vintage caster.


Cast Iron (CCVINTAGE) versus Polyurethane on Cast Iron (CCVINTAGE-PW)

So, essentially, when choosing the best caster for your vintage needs, it’s important to choose a wheel that will work with the floor type you have. Think about how you'll be using the piece of furniture and how the wheels will function. For instance, hitting a bump between two ceramic tiles while pushing a cart with cast iron casters could splinter the tile, while the polyurethane tread will soften that bump without incident.


So, before you finish off your project with the perfect vintage caster, you'll consider the weight of the application, environment (basically flooring type), and range of mobility. Our flagship CCVINTAGE caster wheels are great for applications that are stationary and are not recommended for use on wood and vinyl floors. The CCVINTAGE-PW caster wheels are great for applications that are moved often and/or that sit on your valuable floors because the polyurethane tread provides floor protection.

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