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Boost Your HCAHPS Score With The CC Apex

Susan E. Mazer said it best, “…when we look at the outcomes of what we call hospital noise, we see sleep deprivation, patient falls, delirium, confusion, miscommunication, distrust, and patient dis-satisfaction, and more recently, poor HCAHPS scores.”


A controlled study published in the BMJ Quality and Safety has discovered hospital noise levels can be found at 60 decibels. Under World Health Organization guidelines, 35 decibels should be the top measure for hospital sound levels.

Noisy medical equipment makes frequent travel through the halls and can travel into the patients' room from the hallways. Replacing the caster wheel of a noisier service cart with the CC Apex can help take down the noise level a few notches. The CC Apex can decrease decibel levels by 5-15%.

Positive outcomes of switching to CC Apex:

  • Patients sleep better
  • HCAHPS scores increases
  • Decrease patient complaints
  • Patients heal faster
  • Stress/anxiety relief (for all)

There’s universally accepted evidence of the benefits of sleep and rest of the healing process. The noise that is produced from the caster wheel of a rolling medical cart is 100% preventable. Doing something to address the noise issue places the well-being of patients’ first, assuring the patients' fundamental right of rest.