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Benefits Of The CC Apex Ideal-stop Caster


The CC Apex is inarguably the premium ergonomic caster wheel on the market today. It is the "Apex of Innovation" with merit. Since 2005, the CC Apex has proven to save businesses a lot of money for long-term goals.

The CC Apex has a high-quality polyurethane wheel that:

  • Dramatically reduces the force needed for pushing and pulling
  • Handles higher load requirements than comparable products
  • Requires less maintenance and protects floors
  • Capably grips flooring in towline applications


Why pair the Ideal-Stop with the CC Apex? The Blickle Ideal-Stop Brake itself does not rotate (in contrast to standard brakes). Meaning that the Ideal-Stop Brake cannot rotate into an unreachable position. When the brake is activated, the Ideal-Stop locks the swivel head and caster wheel’s tread simultaneously.

The Ideal-Stop Brake offers:

  • An ergonomic and cost-effective braking solution
  • A prevention of injuries from awkward reaches for the brake pedal

We've added five variations of the CC Apex and Ideal-Stop brake casters to our online store. The standard orange CC Apex is available in 5”, 6”, and 8”. Our gray and electrostatic dissipating CC Apex is both available in 8”.

5” x 2” CC Apex Swivel Caster with Ideal-Stop Brake


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6” x 2” CC Apex Swivel Caster with Ideal-Stop Brake


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8” x 2” CC Apex Swivel Caster with Ideal-Stop Brake

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8” x 2” Gray CC Apex Swivel Caster with Ideal-Stop Brake


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8” x 2” CC Apex ESD Swivel Caster with Ideal-Stop Brake


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Contact us today to learn the other ways the CC Apex Ideal-Stop caster can benefit you and your business.