Air-free Flat-free Tires Provide Low Maintenance And Cost Savings

We learned about the pros and cons of foam-filled and air-filled pneumatic tires in the Foam-Filled vs. Air-Filled Pneumatic Tires post. We also learned that the effectiveness of foam-filled and air-filled pneumatic tires are relative to their application and environment. To continue the previously-mentioned conversation, and to introduce an even-better alternative, we'd like to introduce the Air-Free Flat-Free tire as another possible solution for your mobility needs.


SKU: 6-81-AFR

The Air-Free Flat-Free tire may look like a pneumatic, but it's actually made of solid polyurethane and features a saw-toothed tread. It has the same bounce and load handling as an air-filled tire, but without the required maintenance of re-filling air into the tire every now and again - making it flat-free.


SKU: 8-81-AFR

Unlike foam-filled tires, the solid polyurethane of the Air-Free Flat-Free tire allows it to roll quietly and smoothly, with added shock-absorption. Since the Air-Free Flat-Free tire doesn’t have any tubing to worry about, it can roll over a pile of stones, glass, and nails without getting deflated.


SKU: 6-82-AFR

The solid polyurethane of the Air-Free Flat-Free tire is chemical and heat resistant, and will not crack or decay like rubber tires will. Additionally, the tread of the tire is non-marking and provides a soft ride, making it a great option for floor protection.


SKU: 8-82-AFR


Opting for an Air-Free Flat-Free tire is an investment that prevents unnecessary frustration and maintenance costs over its lifetime. The Air-Free Flat-Free tire eliminates flaws (related to roll-ability, noise level, floor-marking and overall floor protection) often seen in foam-filled and air-filled tires.

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