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4 Useful Pipe Furniture Ideas

Pipe Clothing Rail


Whether you’re looking to add some character to your retail store or don’t have enough closet space in your apartment, a pipe furniture clothes rail can be an economical and stylish solution. It has that classic rustic/vintage look combined with simple functionality. Best of all: it isn't rocket science to put together.

Pipe Bar Cart


Trying to balance style and being a good host can be tricky. Serving refreshments with a simple cart made with pipes, salvaged wood and vintage casters can add some panache to any gathering. The pipe bar cart's mobility and functionality will please your guests every time.

Pipe Trolley


Having the whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner is always an arduous task. Fitting all of the savory holiday dishes onto one table almost never works. Whipping together a quick pipe trolley with some nice vintage casters will make you the hero (and the envy) of everyone at the table.

Pipe Coffee Table


Coffee tables can be incredibly cheap or extremely expensive depending on one's interests and willingness to spend. Why not take matters into your own hands and create the perfect coffee table yourself? It can be pocketbook friendly yet still have that high-design look.

Want your coffee table to be mobile? All that's left to do is to add casters to it.

If you’re interested in making any of your pipe furniture mobile, Caster Connection has you covered. We carry a wide variety of expanding adapter casters that will fit in most commercially-bought pipes, as well as different wheel sizes for true customization. Take a look at our vintage caster section to get going on your next DIY adventure!