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4 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Casters

In the bustling world of material handling and logistics, casters play a pivotal role in transferring materials within the supply chain to satisfy growing demands.

As explained in our last post, increased manufacturing output will hasten the need for manufacturers to invest in productive and efficient material handling equipment to facilitate production and distribution.

Do you know if the casters you're using are most efficient option possible? Here are 4 signs that it’s time to upgrade your casters to maintain a competitive edge.


Push Pull Scale

If you're experiencing too much resistance to push and pull manual applications with reasonable effort, it’s time to look for a better caster wheel option. If a certain type of casters are putting employees at risk for overexertion injuries, it would be wise to consider an investment in a more ergonomic solution. Great casters can not only handle higher load requirements - they can do so while dramatically reducing push/pull efforts.



A caster wheel that collects debris will wear down over time and make push/pull efforts more cumbersome. It is advised to choose a caster wheel that can dispel debris and still maintain its grip.


When debris embeds into the tread of a wheel, it can increase push/pull resistance, damage flooring and the wheel itself, and project unwanted noise. World-class manufacturing facilities abide by a standardized noise policy to operate within a particular decibel range. Caster noise is easy to control with the proper caster.


Cuts, scrapes, marks, and chips on flooring can result from the usage of an incorrect caster wheel for a particular environment and/or application. The cost of floor maintenance can add up if the problem is not addressed and corrected quickly.


It’s worth the time and investment to learn which caster solution is best suited for a particular application. Choosing the right caster is unique to your situation. If you have issues with ergonomics, noise, debris retention and floor damage, feel free to contact our caster experts to find a solution that will work for you.