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3 Important Factors For Furniture Casters


Various floor types require varied wheel materials for furniture casters. With the interest of meeting these needs, Caster Connection offers a focused collection of caster wheels for certain floor types.


Choosing the correct caster wheel material for the particular floor type will positively improve the performance of the caster and guard the floor from unwanted scuffs, scratches, cuts and blemishes.

Caster Wheel Recommendations:

  • Hard caster wheels are ideal for carpet of all types.
  • Soft caster wheels are proper for other surfaces such as, concrete, hardwood, and vinyl.

Caster Connection Director of Sales, Joe Lyden explains the differences in performance between high durometer (hard) caster wheels and low durometer (soft) caster wheels.


The overall height of the installed caster will affect the height of the furniture. If you are replacing your current furniture casters, it is advised that you match the overall height of the new caster with what you may currently have.


While installing casters, safety should be the first thing that comes to mind. An overloaded caster can collapse under pressure. Be sure to not load casters past their rated capacity.