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CC Apex ESD Electrostatic Dissipating Casters and Wheels


Caster Connection's CC Apex ESD wheels offer the same ergonomic, noise reducing, and durability qualities as the original CC Apex , but with the added benefit of being electrostatic dissipating .


What is Electrostatic Discharge?

  • Unbalanced Charge: A surplus (positive charge) or shortage (negative charge) of free electrons, created by contact and seperation (i.e. rolling, rubbing. sliding, bumping into) of materials.
  • Static Electricity: The result of an unbalanced charge not having a path to move through.
  • Electrostatic Discharge: Transfer of static electricity from one object to another- when a positively charged material contacts a negatively charged material or vice versa

CC Apex ESD Wheels:

  • Surface resistivity equal or greater than 10^5 ohms, but not less than 10^12 ohms
  • The ESD wheel is prescribed for discharge-safe areas because it allows static electricity to flow through the caster wheels and into conductive flooring.
  • We recommend that all casters on a cart (or other fixture) in an electrostatic discharge-safe area are electrostatic dissipative in order to achieve maximum contact with conductive flooring.
  • CC Apex ESD caster wheels are available in 4" x 1.25", 5" x 1.25", 4" x 2", 5" x 2", 6" x 2", and 8" x 2"- with a variety of rig types, including stainless steel.