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The on-going advancement of technology powers our economy, but few people have seen the inside of a data center or a computer chip manufacturer. These industries provide vital goods and services while working ceaselessly to innovate new solutions that can improve our way of life. However, computer chips, lithium-ion batteries, servers and more are often fragile and need to be produced and/or handled in highly controlled environments in order to protect valuable electronic components, equipment, and even information.

Businesses within the field of technology are facing a number of pressures that affect their ability to efficiently fulfill orders, maintain quality, expand profitability and satisfy customer expectations. In the a field where not even the smallest detail can be overlooked, choosing the right casters for your server racks, clean rooms, and/or manufacturing facilities is critical to reducing downtime, lowering maintenance costs, keeping employees safe, and maintaining a control environment while protecting valuable equipment, products, and data.

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Challenges and Pain Points

We understand the challenges and pain points of our industrial and information technology partners because we having partnering with businesses in the field to help resolve their challenges for years.

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Electrostatic Discharge

As carts move around in any facility, they generate static electricity when there is no path for this electricity to dissipate. When this electricity is transferred from one object to the next, we call this electrostatic discharge. This discharge is extremely damaging in a variety of ways.

Transporting Heavy Weight

Servers, lithium-ion batteries, and other large pieces of industrial technology can be very heavy. Therefore it is important to use casters that can handle demand without fail.

Minimizing Noise & Vibrations

Manual push/pull or powered applications can be noisy when towed on improper casters. Noise level reduction of 10% or more is common when implementing correct caster solutions.

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Downtime Prevention

How better casters increase uptime, improve safety, reduce noise, lower maintenance costs and improve productivity for your clients

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Understanding Commodity Risk

Why most commodity casters fail prematurely, taking your clients' productive carts out of service

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Ergonomic Injury Prevention

How cheap casters cause preventable lower-back injuries among your clients' workers

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Floor Protection

Why commodity casters cause expensive damage to your clients' floors

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The Value of Rebound Resilience

How rebound resilience allows casters to repel debris and navigate over impediments

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Determining Quality

How to tell the difference between good and bad casters

Proven Caster Solutions for Industrial & Informational Technology:

SKU: 141ESD08228R

8" CC Apex ESD Spring-Loaded Rigid Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
1,250 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


SKU: CC-1211-600200-40-T1

6" CC Apex ESD Swivel Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
1,000 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


SKU: CC-1011-400125-40-T4

4" CC Apex ESD Rigid Caster

Overall Height
Wt. Capacity
400 lbs.
Wheel Width
Wheel Diameter


Casters for Industrial & Information Technology Articles and Case Studies

Top Social Media Data Center Gets Customized ESD Caster Treatment

Over the years, it’s become very apparent that each one of our clients has unique needs and preferences. We’ve designed our casters to cover most of the issues that our clients encounter, but there are times when we need to make modifications to get things just right. In this case study we will examine how we helped one of the largest data centers in the world to outfit their servers with the perfect casters.

The Birth of the CC Apex ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) Caster Wheel

A large auto manufacturing client of Caster Connection brought a new challenge to the table: they needed a solution for an electrostatic discharge-safe area. They were using an electrostatic dissipative strap on the bottom of all carts, but discovered that the straps only had a 3-year life span. However, there was currently no maintenance program in place for the straps, and really no possible way to track when the straps were installed. After randomly testing carts in the plant, they discovered that most were not ESD compliant. See how we helped them resolve this issue.

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