Thanks so much for creating these great casters that so beautifully finish off this table. I promise you we will be coming to you for the casters on all of our projects!

Abby L | Photographer

Going with Orange

We compared apples to apples and went with orange!

Colin | -

Keeping Art In Motion

Ok, Caster Connection I'm about to launch my big studio table (thanks OSU Surplus Store!) on my new, vintage casters. Thanks again to your guy Morgan for the custom purple paint job on the wheels!

David C. | Artist

Saving Money with Proper Recommendations

Once again, your company saved me money!

Chuck L. | Meat Processing

How Josh Saved Our Holiday

It was the afternoon before Thanksgiving

And there was great need

Lots of guests were scheduled

For this fabulous feed

A problem existed

With no solution found

Until Joshua and the Caster Connection team

Gave us a solution that was round (and orange)

We had sold our large home

with serving space aplenty

And moved to a rental, and, while cozy,

It lacked a way to serve many

A phone call to Caster Connection

Was all that was needed

Joshua and the team helped us with four cool looking casters

And their advice for installing them was fervently heeded

On the prep table we bought

We quickly added the casters

Making space for the great meal

And avoiding Thanksgiving disaster

Now everyone loved the new serving table

It’s become quite a hit

With help from Joshua and the Caster Connection team

Our coolness factor with the family has increased quite a bit!

DIYer | DIYer

CC Apex: Causing Ergo Envy

Nobody has fought over the cart with the orange [CC Apex] wheels yet, but they have come close. Words were exchanged.Kirt V. | Production Leader, Metal Fabrication

Saving travel time, making our clients succesful

Thank you for shipping the casters that I needed today! It was a nice surprise to receive them via UPS. You saved me many miles traveling, and they will be delivered to my client today because of your efforts. Thanks again!

Kyle Y. | Owner, Industrial Equipment Industry

Tremendous success

We have had tremendous success with the CC Apex wheel, they have been in the field for over a year now with no problems at all. We have recommended it to several manufacturing companies that we have partnerships with.

Richard C. | Assembly Conveyance Specialist

Caster Connection wheels remain slag free

The environment in a weld shop is very difficult for dolly wheels. The hardness of [the wheels we were previously using] allowed the weld slag to embed into the wheels rather than deflect. After a short period of time, the wheels became solid metal because of the weld slag and damaged the floor. This caused further performance issues when the AGV's changed direction. Caster Connection recommended a solution with a slightly softer durometer that allowed the weld slag to be deflected and not embed. After nearly one year in service, the Caster Connection wheels remain slag free and have become our new standard for our AGV's.Paul S. | Production Engineering Specialist, Major Automotive Manufacturer

Superb service

When I think of a friendly smiling voice, quick and accurate answers to my questions, and superb service I think of Caster Connection.

Dixie | Tier One Supplier to Major Appliance Manufacturer

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