Create Your Own Vintage Caster - Version 2
  • Create Your Own Vintage Caster - Version 2


Create Your Own CC Vintage Caster

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Average Lead Time to Ship: 3-5 Business Days
Ship Weight 10.00 lbs.
Brand CC Vintage - Caster Connection
Notes Rubber tread wheels only available in black.
Cast Iron wheels available in all colors.
6" Overall Height: 7-1/2"
8" Overall Height: 9-1/2"



Love DIY? Love vintage casters? Love color? We've combined all 3 into the cast iron and rubber on steel offerings of our Create Your Own Vintage Casters! These casters will look great anywhere, from the garage, to the kitchen, to the living room!

Our classic cast iron wheel instantly provides a classic look to whatever piece of furniture or fixture you pair it with. You dream up the color combination, and we’ll make it happen.

The Rubber On Steel Create-Your-Own-Vintage-Caster is an industrial, vintage caster that is as easy on flooring as it is on the eyes. The wheel’s durablevulcanized rubber tread is wrapped around its cast iron core, offering a combination of great aestheticsstrength, and performance. The vulcanized rubber tread offers a shock-absorbingsemi-cushioned ride and produces low noise levels - should you decide to set the casters in motion. This caster is a great choice for those who love DIY and desire to enhance awesome furniture pieces.

Our variety of caster forks, along with size, brake and fork-type options allow you to create the perfect complement for your room’s décor. Add depth to that refurbished pallet, enhance the look of your coffee table, or turn your trunk into a conversation piece! You're the artisan

We hope that you enjoy this caster and welcome you to shop the rest of our DIY and vintage selection!

*Wheels are non-marking when used correctly. Examples of improper use include sliding wheels laterally (rather than rolling) or attempting to roll while a brake is engaged. 

Our Painting Process: Stupendously Superior

Our new and improved painting process and high-quality coatings provide a consistent finish around the entire caster. It’s extremely resistant to scratching, cracks* and scrapes, meaning your treasured pieces will maintain their luster for as long as possible.

*We recommend minimal rolling and movement of our painted casters in order to maintain the paint's structural integrity.

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Wheel Width
Wheel Brand
CC Vintage - Caster Connection
Wheel Configuration
Single Wheel
Tread Style
Flat Tread
Top Plate
4" x 4-1/2"
Lead Time To Ship
1 Week
Axle Type
Solid Axle
Floor Type
Design, Distribution, DIY