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Case Studies

Bodyweld: The Right Wheel for the Application

Automotive plants have some of the most rigorous applications in the material handling world. Many of the applications are running non-stop and can be very demanding on the wheels, which makes it extremely important to understand the application and to make sure to put the correct wheel in the field. Read on to discover how the CC Apex wheel solved problems presented by this application and environment.

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Before working with Caster Connection, a large manufacturer of various products was experiencing failure and breakdown with their phenolic wheels. After observing the client's applications and environment, a Caster Connection Regional Solutions Manager recommended the CC Apex wheel to improve their mobility performance.

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Loving The Crew: Casters and The MLS Cup Winner

In 2008, the Crew won the MLS Championship. The trophy in the picture is now constantly traveling all around the state of Ohio for events and appearances – in the last month it’s been to numerous local businesses, the Columbus City Council, the Ohio Statehouse, on center ice for a Blue Jackets game, and on NBC/ABC/CBS/ESPN as the Crew play in the 2015 MLS postseason.

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