Series SPWH

Series SPWH

Hamilton Casters Series SPWH

Shock Absorbing Workhorse Casters

Capacity Range: 125 - 1,200 lbs.

Series: SPWH

This Hamilton shock absorbing series offers the smallest mounting plate built on the proven and reliable Workhorse swivel caster platform. The unique and simple design enables Hamilton to offer these at extremely competitive prices.

Spring loaded casters offer many benefits. These include protecting delicate cargo from shock and vibration, reducing noise levels, reducing wear on floors and extending caster, wheel and bearing life.

The legs are slotted such that the axle "floats" up and down as the wheel encounters obstacles. Since the spring is pre-loaded, the minimum capacity is required to cause the spring to yield. (A load under the minimum capacity may not result in any absorption of shock.)

At the maximum capacity, the spring will have compressed approximately one-half of its length. Overloading a shock-absorbing caster will cause the axle to reach its travel limit, resulting in no shock absorbing benefit.

These casters can be easily modified to accommodate many custom specification requirements. Our engineering department will assist you if you have special application issues.


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Part Number Caster Type Overall Height Top Plate Wheel Diameter Wheel Material Details
S-SPWH-4TRB-1 Spring-Loaded Swivel 6-11/16" 4" x 5" 4" Polyurethane Details
R-SPWH-4TRB-1 Spring-Loaded Rigid 6-11/16" 4" x 4-1/2" 4" Polyurethane Details
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Caster Type
  1. Spring-Loaded Rigid
  2. Spring-Loaded Swivel
Wheel Diameter
  1. 4"
Wheel Material
  1. Polyurethane
Top Plate
  1. 4" x 4-1/2"
  2. 4" x 5"
Overall Height
  1. 6-11/16"