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Caster Connection is proud to offer the Swivel-EAZ® line of wheels as a solution for our customers’ mobility needs. Our industry experts recognize this product as a proven and reliable option that you can implement with confidence in your organization’s operations.

Swivel-EAZ® is a revolutionary rolling system that has the advantage of meeting every customer need because it is available in more than 350 patented sizes and configurations - with more being added regularly.

Swivel Eaz
  • Independently swivelling wheels
  • Reduction in rolling resistance
  • Low required initial push-pull force
  • A great alternative to dual-wheel casters
  • Ability to carry 2x the load of standard wheels with similar tread durometer
  • Available in 4 tread durometers
  • Maintenance-free during lifespan
  • Non-marking and high performance
Swivel Eaz 2

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