8 x 2 CC Peak Maintenance-Free Swivel CC Stout Caster w/ Extended Swivel Lead
  • 8 x 2 CC Peak Maintenance-Free Swivel CC Stout Caster w/ Extended Swivel Lead


8" CC Peak Heavy Duty Maintenance-Free Swivel CC Stout Caster w/ Extended Swivel Lead

Ship Weight 10.00 lbs.
Brand CC Stout - Caster Connection


This caster featuring an 8" x 2" orange CC Stout wheel and CC Peak maintenance-free extended-lead swivel caster rig is a top of the line caster choice for those who need a durable, quiet and astoundingly ergonomic caster.

The benefits of the CC Stout include:

• High weight capacity
• Ergonomic and easily maneuverable
• Debris dispelling capability
• Holds up under rigorous conditions
• Reduces downtime and maintenance costs
• Painted iron core to protect structural integrity

The CC Stout is a great option for applications involving manual pushing and pulling, as well as towing by various vehicles. Because the CC Stout features the same polyurethane as the CC Apex, it offers an added boost to pushing and pulling and maintains a great grip on flooring during towing.

The CC Peak maintenance-free swivel caster rig leaves the competition in the dust!

Unlike kingpin or kingpinless rigs, this maintenance-free swivel caster rig’s construction allows for even dispersion of load, which has an incredibly dramatic effect in reducing push-pull. This caster's extended-lead provides even greater push-pull performance than traditional lead rigs. This particular caster features a 10-1/8" overall height and 4-1/2" x 6-1/4" top plate.

Why Upgrade To CC Peak?

  • Excellent Ergonomic Performance - Reducing BWC Claims
  • Incredible Durability - Preventing Downtime
  • Extremely Quiet - Meeting Decibel Level Requirement
  • No Maintenance Required - Lowering Labor Costs
  • Awesome in Tow lines - The Peak of Maneuverability


Wheel Diameter
Wheel Width
Overall Height
Wheel Brand
CC Stout - Caster Connection
Wheel Color
Wheel Configuration
Single Wheel
Tread Style
Flat Tread
Wheel Material
Core Material
Cast Iron
Caster Type
Maintenance-Free Swivel
Mounting Type
Top Plate
Top Plate
4-1/2" x 6-1/4"
Bolt Hole Pattern
2-7/16" x 4-15/16" slotted to 3-3/8" x 5-1/4"
Weight Capacity
1,500 lbs.
Lead Time To Ship
2-3 Business Days
Axle Type
Solid Axle
87 Shore A (+/- 5)
Fork Finish
Zinc Plated
Temperature Range
-40 to +180 F
Clean, Debris, Indoor, Indoor-Varied, Limited Space for Maneuverability, Low Noise Necessary, Metal Chips, Push-Pull Reduction Necessary, Thresholds, Varied, Weld Slag and/or Metal Chips
Floor Type
Aerospace, Automotive, Distribution, Engineering, Machine Shop, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Scaffolds, Warehouse
Noise Reduction