8 x 2 CC Stout HD Wheel
  • 8 x 2 CC Stout HD Wheel
  • 8 x 2 CC Stout HD Wheel


8" CC Stout HD Wheel

Ship Weight 9.40 lbs.
Brand CC Stout - Caster Connection


This 8" x 2" CC Stout HD Wheel is an outstanding caster wheel for those who need to carry heavy weight loads with great ergonomic ease while also ably rejecting debris and decreasing downtime due to failed casters, damaged flooring or injured employees. CC Stout caster wheels function so incredibly well during pushing and pulling because they feature the orange polyurethane tread of the industry-standard CC Apex, chemically bonded to a stout iron core. All CC Stout wheels include a maintenance-free, sealed precision ball bearing for peak performance in applications that entail frequent halts, jolts and jerks.

This wheel can be combined with an assortment of caster rigs, including rigid, swivel, kingpinless, extended-lead, maintenance-free and more.

CC Stout wheels provide the following benefits:

• High weight capacity
• Low push/pull force necessary for movement
• Ergonomic and easily controllable
• Debris dispersing capability
• Holds up under rigorous conditions
• Reduces downtime and repair costs
• Painted iron core to protect structural integrity
• Orange wheel tread for outstanding visibility

CC Stout wheels work well in environments that include:

• Debris
• Delicate Flooring
• Restricted Space for Maneuverability
• Low Noise Necessary
• Push-Pull Reduction Necessary
• Safety Needs
• Thresholds
• Weld Slag, Nails and/or Metal Chips

CC Stout wheels are a great choice for industries such as:

• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Metal Fabrication
• Distribution
• Engineering
• Machine Shops

Wheel Brand
CC Stout - Caster Connection
Wheel Diameter
Wheel Width
Wheel Color
Wheel Material
Core Material
Cast Iron
Weight Capacity
1,750 lbs.
Bearing Size
Bearing Type
Sealed Precision Ball Bearing
Hub Length
Lead Time To Ship
2-3 Business Days
Lube Holes
87 Shore A (+/- 5)
Temperature Range
-40 to +180 F
Clean, Debris, Indoor, Indoor-Varied, Limited Space for Maneuverability, Low Noise Necessary, Metal Chips, Push-Pull Reduction Necessary, Thresholds, Varied, Weld Slag and/or Metal Chips
Floor Type
Aerospace, Automotive, Distribution, Engineering, Machine Shop, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Scaffolds, Warehouse
Noise Reduction
Spanner Type
Top Hat