About Caster Connection

About Caster Connection

Caster Connection HQ

Caster Connection - manufacturer of casters and wheels and a master distributor of national brand casters, wheels and hand trucks - was launched by Sally Hughes out of the trunk of her car in 1987 in Chardon, Ohio with the founding principle that "Our Company will work to constantly seek ways to increase the value our clients receive for their investments in casters and wheels and provide solutions that make them successful.

"In describing her philosophy of the client business relationship, Sally explains that "I truly believe that clients deserve exceptional service, great products, fair prices and product availability. That is why Caster Connection is persistent in our efforts to strive for continuous improvement on these most important aspects of our business."

More than twenty five years after its launch, Caster Connection sources products globally, serves companies throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and maintains great relationships with thousands of clients by offering them peace of mind with our mobility solutions.

The confidence that we offer our clients, our partnerships with national brands, a prime distribution location, an expert sales staff and the innovative line of the ergonomic CC Apex wheels are all factors that have contributed to the success and growth of Caster Connection.

Partnerships with major national caster brands enable us to serve clients in a wide variety of industries. These long standing relationships give Caster Connection access to a wide breadth of proven and reliable market applications, industry knowledge, testing and engineering capabilities to further ensure that we are providing the absolute best product for a specific application.

Moving our main distribution center to Columbus, Ohio in 2009 gave Caster Connection a prime location to deliver product to wide range of clients in an economically responsible manner. Columbus has access to the most widely traveled highway systems in the Midwest, which ensures prompt delivery of product.

Our expert sales staff has more than 120 years of combined experience in the caster industry, making Caster Connection a one-stop shop for help and advice on all caster, wheel and hand truck needs. We work with our clients to understand their needs for every application and provide the correct solution the first time, providing the proof our clients need to feel confident in our recommendations.

Our number one goal is to ensure that our clients are successful from our partnership. This goal combined with all of the strengths mentioned above make Caster Connection an industry leader, and most important of all: a company that clients can trust and gain peace of mind for their casterwheel and hand truck needs.